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Lennox Lewis explodes on Anthony Joshua’s undisputed plan

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Boxing legend Lennox Lewis is not happy with Eddie Hearn’s plan for Anthony Joshua to fight for the undisputed heavyweight title eventually.

Lewis, who became Great Britain’s greatest-ever heavyweight between the 1990s and early 2000s and the last undisputed champion, expressed his concern about the build-up to Joshua facing Tyson Fury.

Hearn’s plan currently hinges on beating Francis Ngannou on March 8. Hearn believes the Fury fight will one hundred percent get over the line if successful.

But even if it does, Lewis has questioned Joshua’s preparation. The Olympic gold medalist does see Otto Wallin and Ngannou as good enough tests to take on the lineal champion.

Beginning a startling exchange with Hearn, Lewis aimed at the UK trolls, labeling him a ‘Joshua hater’ due to his views on the situation.

Lennox Lewis on Anthony Joshua

“Yeah, just so much hate. Get off the Eddie Hearn narrative and open your eyes. I only became a ‘hater’ after criticizing them for not making the Wilder fight for undisputed when they had the chance.”

Hearn responded: “Listen in to yesterday [the press conference] the winner fights the winner of Fury v Usyk for undisputed. When AJ joins your [undisputed] club, I know you will be delighted for him.”

Lewis wasn’t letting the complimentary Hearn off, though.

“OK, Eddie Hearn, I know this is the promoter in you speaking, so I’ll break it down like the boxing fan I am. If AJ beats Ngannou, which he should, does that elevate him to a shot at undisputed?

“Beating Wallin and Ngannou? There’s a much better case for the winner of [Joseph] Parker vs [Zhilei] Zhang.”

Eddie Hearn fires back

Again, Hearn fired back: “Break down whatever you want. His Excellency confirmed the plan: the winner of Joshua vs Ngannou v winner of Fury vs Usyk.

“The dream has always been undisputed. We are one win away from challenging it. No problem with you preferring Parker or Zhang getting a shot at undisputed over AJ.”

Getting a little more spikey, Lewis responded: “Spoken like a true promoter. As a fan of the sweet science, you are basically telling me your fighter, AJ, is preparing himself to fight the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world by fighting Wallin and an 0-1 Ngannou?”

The Matchroom boss answered: “Yes? Pre-Fury v Ngannou. Man, you got it bad! Just be happy for these guys, and enjoy your amazing achievements!”

A fan then pointed out that Fury hasn’t exactly gone on a fantastic run before facing Usyk for all the belts. The commenter argued that wins over Derek Chisora and Ngannou were similar to Joshua’s.

“Fury and Usyk have all the belts that matter. They are the champions,” pointed out Lewis. “They are fighting for undisputed, and they are fighting to make history.

“Also, they are also the top two heavyweights in the division, so I don’t get whatever point you were trying to make.”

Lewis concluded: “These big fights are what boxing fans have always wanted to see. Too many politricks have kept us from seeing the fights we wanted.

“That’s one thing that I give props to Turki Alalshikh and Riyadh Season for bringing back to heavyweight boxing. The best fighting the best!”

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