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Lennox Lewis chooses next undisputed heavyweight champion

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Lennox Lewis has picked his winner for the upcoming undisputed heavyweight champion between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk.

The last man to unify four titles in the glamor division is set to lose his honor on February 17 as Fury and Usyk trade blows. The Saudi Arabia extravaganza will signal the end of the current era as boxing fans know it.

Once the fight is concluded, the heavyweight belts could split apart due to a rematch clause. Whoever comes out on top will then look to face the winner of Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou later in 2024.

Lewis, who defeated Mike Tyson, Vitali Klitschko, and Evander Holyfield to secure legendary status, is in prime position to predict the next king.

Lennox Lewis picks the next undisputed heavyweight champion

Airing his views, the British-born Jamaican-based ex-Canadian gold medalist plumped for his compatriot to put his hiccup against Ngannou behind him.

“For the record, I’m looking forward to welcoming Fury or Usyk to the Undisputed club,” pointed out Lewis.” I’m glad they have decided to chase history.

“It [February 17 in Saudia Arabia] should be a great fight. A good big un’ beats a good little un’ – advantage Fury.”

On the recently-announced Joshua vs Ngannou sideshow on March 8, Lewis added: “Ngannou’s fight with Tyson Fury was a spectacle. This fight with AJ is also a spectacle.

“Hats off to Ngannou for making the most of his opportunities. He’s done nothing wrong. This is just the heavyweight division in the year 2024,” said Lewis, defending the former UFC champion from criticism.

Fury vs Usyk

Ahead of his greatest challenge, Fury agrees with Lewis that he is the next four-belt ruler.

“I’ve been in many heavyweight title fights before. And now is the most important one. We’re both undefeated. He’s a champion; I’m a champion. And it will be one of the fights for the ages,” stated Fury.

“It’s been 24 years since we’ve last had an undisputed heavyweight world champion [Lewis]. And we know that the Klitschkos were champions for about ten years.

“So there’s been another 14 years where other heavyweights couldn’t stop it. So we’ve been chosen. I believe we’re both destined to be here.

“There’s only one winner. I’m destined to become the undisputed champion.”

On the pre-fight back and forth, Fury added: “We’re not here to talk. It’s not a talking contest. It’s a boxing match. On February 17, all the talking goes out the window.

“It doesn’t matter what he or what I said. It comes down to who wins the fight. He thinks he’s going to win. I know I’m going to win. There’s not much more to be said.”

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