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Luis DeCubas Sr. reflects on guidance of legend Joel Casamayor

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Luis DeCubas Sr., a visionary boxing promoter for over 40 years and counting, stands as the mastermind behind the legendary career of Joel Casamayor.

His charge was an Olympic Gold Medal winner and a multi-division world champion who defected from Cuba.

From the inception of Casamayor’s professional journey to the final fight of his career, DeCubas Sr. crafted a narrative of victory that stamped Casamayor’s name into the records of boxing history.

Casamayor’s rise under DeCubas Sr.’s guidance was nothing short of remarkable. As a Cuban defector, Casamayor arrived on the scene with a gold medal from the Olympics, and DeCubas Sr. immediately recognized his unparalleled potential.

From his first professional fight, DeCubas Sr. meticulously nurtured Casamayor’s career, cultivating his talents and molding him into a force to be reckoned with across multiple weight divisions.

“When Casamayor defected from Cuba, I knew he was going to be a world champion,” stated DeCubas Sr. “I had my partner Leon Margules to help me along the way and he deserves a lot of credit.

“Together we made Casamayor a household name and a multimillion-dollar fighter.”

Joel Casamayor vs Diego Corrales

A pinnacle of Casamayor’s legacy remains the gripping trilogy with Deigo Corrales, where their heated battles captivated boxing fans around the world. Casamayor’s tenacity shone through as he emerged victorious in two out of the three iconic encounters, solidifying his reputation as a warrior within the sport.

“The trilogy between Casamayor and Corrales was amazing,” continued DeCubas Sr. “It’s very rare in boxing to have a trilogy at the world class level.

“I was very proud to be apart of it. All three fights were fantastic. The first fight Casamayor stopped him, but both fighters were dropped by each other. The last two were split decisions. Incredible trilogy to say the least.”

DeCubas Sr. strategically navigated Casamayor through a gauntlet of formidable opponents, showcasing his exceptional skills and resilience.

Memorable bouts against Acelino Freitas, Nate Campbell, Jose Luis Castillo, Juan Manuel Marquez, Robert Guerrero, and Timothy Bradley Jr. underscored Casamayor’s willingness to face the best, further cementing his legacy as a true boxing great.

“Casamayor fought the best and never complained,” concluded DeCubas Sr. “You always knew that when Casamayor stepped in the ring, he was going to bring a war to whoever he was fighting. To me Casamayor is one of the best Cuban fighters in the history of the sport.:

“Luis DeCubas Sr. believed in me from the start and played an instrumental role in my career,” expressed Casamayor.

“His guidance and strategic planning allowed me to face the toughest challenges. I owe much of my success to his expertise.

“I hope he get the respect he deserves and get inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.”