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Home » Deontay Wilder detonates ‘cheat’ torpedo on Fury vs Usyk fight

Deontay Wilder detonates ‘cheat’ torpedo on Fury vs Usyk fight

Deontay Wilder opened up another can of worms with his prediction on a future undisputed heavyweight clash involving Tyson Fury.

“The Bronze Bomber” has previously stated on many occasions his belief that Fury used illegal tactics to win their 2020 rematch. Wilder doubled down on these claims many times since then.

However, when the pair fought for a third time in 2021, Wilder did not mention any wrongdoing by Fury. This led to many assumptions that Wilder had been gagged so the third encounter could occur.

Since then, Wilder has branded Fury a cheat many more times, including on a trip to Saudi Arabia in 2022.

Deontay Wilder calls Tyson Fury a cheat again

In a recent interview with Fight Hub TV, Wilder regurgitated his claims about Fury, but this time, he used an old fight with Steve Cunningham to make his point.

Wilder says Fury will use underhand and borderline legal moves to beat Oleksandr Usyk, which he says happened before to overcome Cunningham in New York.

“Fury’s size is what makes him gain more success,” said Wilder. “When I see him against Usyk, I see how they cheated [Steve] Cunningham with that clubbing, putting his weight on him and clubbing him.

“I could see him doing the same thing with Usyk, putting his weight on him.

“I do think Usyk has more skill, but when it comes to the size and stuff, I don’t think he’ll be able to compete with the size of Fury. But who knows? – That’s my opinion.”

The relationship between Fury and Wilder continues to deteriorate following their epic three-fight saga. Even more so given that Fury told Wilder he’s got no place fighting on his undercard.

Fury vs Usyk / Wilder vs Joshua double-header

Saudi investors wanted Fury vs Usyk and Wilder vs Anthony Joshua to occur the same night. However, Fury shot down any notion of this double-header during preparations for Francis Ngannou.

Firing at Joshua’s comments on the potential plan, Fury told IFL TV: “It’s quite embarrassing, really.

“When you’ve got a former heavyweight world champion begging for a fight, begging to be on the undercard. Is he a child or what?

“He wants to go on my undercard? Him vs Wilder? Battle of the biggest loser? Go and get your own show.”

For now, it’s all about Ngannou on Saturday night for Fury. He will then turn his attention to Usyk before the end of the year. A date of December 23 is penciled in, just eight weeks after his crossover event.

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