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Tyson Fury rates Ngannou higher than Usyk on the danger scale

Tyson Fury rates MMA star Francis Ngannou as a scarier opponent than the current unified heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk.

Despite Usyk being a far more significant threat to his undefeated record, Fury believes Ngannou’s one-punch power gives him the edge in a one-off encounter.

After an agreement was reached, an undisputed fight with Usyk is in the pipeline. The reaction from fans was that Fury should call off the Ngannou fight and focus on Usyk.

Nonetheless, Fury faces Ngannou on Saturday night in Saudi Arabia. The pair will face off in the boxing ring after “The Gypsy King” flat-out refused to compete in the octagon.

As the days count down to the first bell, Fury has switched his promotional hat on with comments about Ngannou that big up the challenge.

Tyson Fury rates Francis Ngannou’s danger

“A lot of people are on about this undisputed fight, fantastic. But I have a much more dangerous person to deal with next Saturday than I do after for the undisputed fight, I believe,” Fury told ESPN.

Fury explained his reasons: “Because Francis is a bigger man, stronger and more powerful. He has knockout capability.

“As we’ve seen with Oleksandr Usyk, he doesn’t really do much damage to people he hits. So you could probably let Usyk punch you all about the head. He’ll give you a black eye.

“If you let Ngannou punch you all about the head, he will probably rattle your brain for you.”

On the test Ngannou brings to the table on his boxing debut, the two-time world champion concluded: “He won’t do anything that I’ve not seen before.

“I’ve sparred with many kickboxers and MMA fighters over the years. They’re all strong and tough guys, and they can usually take a good beating.

“So I’m expecting him to be fit and strong and motivated. He’s getting an awful lot of money to be here and fight. I’m sure he is going to have a good game plan, and I’m sure he is going to try and execute it.”


Ngannou is a snow-white underdog to get close to Fury’s chin during the kick-off to Riyadh Season. Fury is expected to use his elusiveness to stay away from Ngannou.

Anytime the ex-UFC heavyweight ruler gets close to Fury, the need to clinch will kick in for what could become a similar fight to Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor.

Ultimately, Fury will have proven nothing but made a stack of cash. The big question, then – is, will the Usyk fight happen?

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