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Deontay Wilder backed by UFC star in unprotected glove dispute

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder was vindicated by a UFC star in a glove controversy that has run since 2021.

Francis Ngannou made a desperate move this week as interest in his fight with Tyson Fury failed to hit the highest note.

The pair will meet in another installment of UFC vs Boxing in Saudi Arabia next month. However, there’s a distinct ‘who cares’ effect surrounding the fight.

Due to this, Ngannoue decided to crank things up a notch and dredge up a glove controversy from Fury’s Wilder saga.

Fury was accused of using defective gloves against Wilder, claims that were widespread but debunked by trainer Jorge Capetillo in a WBN exclusive video.

But anytime a Fury fight needs a shot in the arm, it’s always easy for an opponent to bring up the previous slanting to garner interest in another fight.

Their scheduled battle is not gaining traction, especially with bonafide boxing fans. They know the clash is a one-sided beating all day.

Deontay Wilder glove controversy

Speaking to Joe Rogan, Ngannou said Fury was known for his unprotected glove incident: “He’s very tricky with his gloves. I think he’s cheating. When he fought Deontay Wilder, he complained about that.

“I’ve heard a lot of complaints about his gloves, that his gloves have no protection. It might not be, but we have to check that.”

Nicholas Asberry, who sparred with Fury a few years ago, was very vocal in condemning “The Gypsy King” around the whole dispute.

“On plenty of occasions, I have seen things in boxing like having a ring set up a certain way to benefit a fighter of one style more than another,” Asberry exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I know of fighters on steroids. I’ve seen fighters deliberately overmatched. They will also make someone do a ton of medicals the week of the fight.

“I’ve seen people try to make money off amateur boxers, and the fighters don’t get a dime.

“I have seen someone turn off a sparring clock on a mentally unstable person and beat the life out of them. But I also said something every time!

“I can’t keep a secret about someone acting fake, especially when people’s lives are at risk.

“We need more regulation because fighters are dying while everyone else is thriving.

“There are also so many fighters doing other fighters dirty to try anything they can to get an advantage.

“Different sports worldwide have evolved with rules and regulations for protecting the athlete. Why not boxing?”

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