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Home » Kell Brook hideously fat-shamed, told he looks ‘lost’ in retirement

Kell Brook hideously fat-shamed, told he looks ‘lost’ in retirement

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Kell Brook got hideously fat-shamed and told he ‘looks lost’ as the former world champion gave a gracious interview.

Discussing Chris Eubank Jr. vs Conor Benn, Brook took abuse from some fans who commented only to give “Special K” a dressing down.

It was a sickening read to digest the slurs as some questioned Brook’s mental state and others criticized him for sounding like he missed the sport.

Below are some remarks that are hurtful to Brook as he deals with never fighting again.

Kell Brook abuse

“I feel for all boxers who retire and don’t find the next thing. It’s hard to leave the glory. I can see he still wants one more,” said one.

Another added: “Hope he’s keeping alright. He sounds a bit like he’s missing the game and a little lost. I’m sure there are good people around him.”

A third said: “Wish him the best of luck, but I can see the look in his eyes he misses the sport.”

Others stated: “I love Kell and still think he will come back. But I think he shouldn’t.

“If he feels good, then why not for a special fight? He’s been on the Greggs, though, and a few beers. Good luck to him whatever he does. I have enjoyed his career.

“I hope he finds peace in retirement. [He’s a] good fighter and had guts. But although he was a world champion, he underachieved.

“Ballooning in weight and going missing for weeks on end. Eddie and his dad had to rein him in more than he had fights.

“Shame because he had great timing and excellent genetics, but if you’re coming to the ring exhausted from taking so much weight off, then it’s hardly ideal.


“Kell always had demons [don’t we all, I guess], but I sincerely hope he can find inner peace now. I strongly believe if he hadn’t taken the golovkin fight, he would have beat Spence.”

“It’s good to see Kell enjoying life. He looks like Naz on the thumbnail. You’ve earned it, champ.”

“Damn, he’s been eating too many Brownies, innit.”

“Kell going to be looking like the Prince [Naz] pretty soon.”

“It’s funny how many people think he looks happy when I think he looks depressed. I hope I’m wrong.”

“He looks lost and like something is missing, something he’ll never get back. Anyone who’s suffered real loss will understand.”

“He looks depressed. I hope he is ok. It sounds like he is struggling.”

“He’ll be the figure of Prince Nassem in no time.”

Weight gain

“How the hell does he gain so much weight quickly? WTF.”

“It’s going to happen [a comeback], but I can’t get over how different some fighters look when they’re not in camp. George Groves and Paddy Pimblett use to end up proper chubby.”

“That man’s gone from throwing chocolate brownies to eating them.”

“I can just see it now, Naz vs Brook at heavyweight in an exhibition.”

“Brook is working his way up to heavyweight.”

“Crazy how Kell fought at middleweight, and in between fights, he walks around at heavyweight.”

“He sounds like he needs some help, man. Keep going, Kell. You’ll find your next calling.”

“Looks like Kell’s been eating a few chocolate brownies!”

“Kell Brook is looking like Taco Bell Brook.”


“Naseem Brook looks like he’s eaten, Dominic Ingle! One of my favorite fighters. I hope he’s enjoying the fruits of his labor.”

“He’s too bloated. He obviously doesn’t miss the training and living an athletic lifestyle. He’s either on a strict regime of anti-depressants because he misses the glorious nights, or he has been sparring donuts and mince pies. Either way, good luck to him. He definitely took the reigns from Naseem Hamed.”

“This man can gain weight looking at food.”

“Kell Brook vs Billy Joe Saunders for the bridgerweight [224 pounds] title.

“Someone’s put on a bit of timber.”

“It looks like Brook.s been eating out with Prince Naseem and good ole Ricky Hatton lately.”

“Kell on that Paddy Pimblett diet.”

“Did he beat Amir Khan or eat him?”

Pundit move?

While the majority of comments were negative, there was some praising Brook’s career. Some even offered advice to move into the analyst side of the sport.

“Kell, you are a fantastic world champion. Credit to you. I’d love to see you as a TV pundit,” said one.

Another added: “Stay retired, bro. Enjoy your family and go into punditry or something.”

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