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Sparring partners Andy Ruiz Jr dropped with combinations revealed

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Andy Ruiz Jr. stated he’d dropped sparring partners after losing a massive amount of fat under a new strength coach.

Ruiz Jr. is looking ferocious in the gym as he continues with his conditioning program.

As the former world champion explained to Elie Seckbach on a recent visit to his gym, Ruiz is using lightning-fast combinations to drop opponents in training.

Trimmer Andy Ruiz Jr

Plenty gets written regarding Ruiz and his new sleeker physique of late. Teaming up with Coach Mendoza, the Mexican is noticeably trimmer.

However, Mendoza was quick to point out that his methods hold designs to build Ruiz up without losing any of his notorious power punches.

“Everybody thinks Andy Ruiz is losing weight [and strength]. But he’s losing fat, and he’s stronger,” said Mendoza. “You’re going to see that he’s going to be better.

Asked how his camp is going ahead of the Luis Ortiz battle on September 4th, “The Destroyer” is doing what his nickname suggests.

“I had an easy day today, but it’s a hard day tomorrow. I’ll be doing eight to ten rounds,” explained the ex-unified heavyweight champion. “I feel so much better since my last camp.

“I have been putting in work. I’m not focusing just on losing weight. I feel I have power, and I feel good.”

Sparring partners

On what punch has improved the most, Ruiz added: “I think it’s the combinations [not one single punch]. Combinations are what make me interesting.

“It’s the speed I can’t just throw one punch. We have been practicing a lot of combinations. We’ve been throwing the right hand to the body.

“Also, using a lot of feints. I pretend I throw this one, then throw that one. I have been dropping guys in sparring too.

“I’ve been throwing combinations. That’s what helps me a lot, throwing combinations and being explosive.

“Before, I think I would just throw punches from my shoulders. Now we are bringing it from the legs to the shoulders to your whole body.”

Thanks to the wonder of social media, we now know who those sparring partners are who Ruiz planted on the canvas.

Christopher Lovejoy and DeAndre Savage shared images with Ruiz from their sessions. Therefore, by process of elimination, those two are the likely candidates.

Savage had nothing but respect after sharing the ring with a former three-strap titleholder.

“What’s understood don’t need to be explained,” said Savage. “My life is changing, and I love this. I’m going to continue to elevate.

“Big ups to Andy Ruiz for keeping his word and bringing me into camp. I’m up next for sure.”

Luis Ortiz

Ruiz is fine-tuning his skills for the challenge against Luis Ortiz. A win will undoubtedly lead to an extensive test later in the year or early in 2023.

Asked about Ortiz and his comeback victory over Charles Martin to set up their Pay Per View, Ruiz responded: “I watched it a lot of times. I used to spar with Charles Martin all the time. He almost won that fight.

“I was like, what the heck! I don’t know what happened. But I think he got hit in the temple, and then he just blacked out. Then Ortiz just got him.

“You have to be cautious with the left-handers and just be smart. And you can’t just throw any punch because they’re here to counterpunch.

“You have to throw punches in different directions. That’s exactly what we have been working on, and it’s not easy. It’s difficult.

“I have to stay tight and counterpunch. But I can box. I have been boxing these tall guys as well, so I am ready to go inside and pressure.

“I’m ready to box around. I think I am going to do both styles in that fight.”

Ruiz vs Ortiz goes down September 4th on Fox/Premier Boxing Champions PPV.

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