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Home » Death quote shows Mike Tyson is mellowing out after comeback

Death quote shows Mike Tyson is mellowing out after comeback

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From pigeons to poignancy, the Twitter account of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is far from what it was these days.

More NFT than WBC, “The Baddest Man on the Planet” seems to be becoming “The Mellowist Man on the Planet” of late.

Take some examples of what is getting churned out on the platform. It’s far different from the Instagram posts.

It’s even questionable whether two separate entities control each one in a weird triangle of advertisements, training, and marijuana videos.

As pointed out in January, Tyson posted, “I ended up realizing that if anyone makes me mad, they own me. So, I try not to get mad anymore.”

This statement is far from the persona we’ve grown to know and love about Mike Tyson. And when sifting through the pigeon NFT’s which have replaced others posted last month, Tyson added: “Giving up is the easiest thing in the world. That’s why so many people do it.”

But if you thought those two sayings were melancholy, Tyson’s latest offering took the biscuit.

Tyson said: “Life is just a beautiful process of dying. As soon as you are born, the process begins.”

Mike Tyson weed


It’s a far cry from Tyson saying he’s going to eat the children of Lennox Lewis or berating a journalist and grabbing his crotch.

There’s undoubtedly a mellower Mike Tyson in the 2020s. You’d have to attribute that to the legalization of cannabis. Tyson has his Ranch and makes more money from the plantation than any out-of-the-ring activities.

He’s also got training camps going on, which of course, he plugged on his channels.

“Reach your goals and boost your confidence with @fightcamp,” urged Tyson, who is in great shape in his fifties.

“We all know boxing is the best workout in the world. FightCamp brings all the best parts about boxing directly into your home.

“With FightCamp’s expert trainers in your corner, you can learn the basics and improve your skills over time.”

Mellow Mike is one good salesman.

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