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Dave Coldwell discusses frustrating Derek Chisora victory, next move

Dave Coldwell’s maiden fight as the trainer of Derek Chisora left the renowned coach frustrated as Senad Gashi demonstrated an alarming level of reluctance to ever engage with the British heavyweight.

After multiple examinations of the Kosovan puncher, Coldwell was certain that Gashi would arrive in London full of enthusiasm, but the size of the task facing him forced him to retreat early and it would be a patient night for Chisora who followed instructions intently and didn’t allow himself to deviate from the game plan. Despite the lack of action, Coldwell was quick to take positives for his man.

“It wasn’t the best fight from a fan’s perspective,” admitted Coldwell. “Derek has long had a reputation for someone who is in brilliant fights and he’s proved that throughout his career.

“We expected another one with Gashi because he’s a puncher and he’s very attack-minded. 17 knockouts from 17 wins and he wouldn’t even commit to an attack against Derek.

“I knew early on that the fight was going to be a frustrating one so the priority became keeping Derek focused and I think he listened brilliantly in the corner. He never once lost his cool and he stuck to the task at hand, which was getting the win.”

Coldwell added, “Now that the fight is out the way, we can move on with the win and look towards Derek’s next fight. He did what he had to do against Gashi and now he wants to be back involved in a massive fight.

“He’s been around that level for so long and it’s what motivates him. There’s a number of good fights out there for him that keep getting mentioned and that’s a decision for the team to make.

“Derek knows the sport inside out and he has good people looking out for him. He wants another big challenge and I’m hopeful that a big fight can be made for him.”