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Home » Team Yildirim claim ‘respectless’ Chris Eubank Jr. avoided fight week event due to ‘hooligans’

Team Yildirim claim ‘respectless’ Chris Eubank Jr. avoided fight week event due to ‘hooligans’

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The super-middleweight title holder, due to defend his IBO belt this weekend as part of the WBSS tournament, reportedly blamed security concerns in Stuttgart for his decision not to attend.

Eubank’s hesitation to be part of the public build-up has led to question marks over further media obligations, whilst Yildirim’s team are not happy with the Briton’s actions.

“He (Eubank Jr.) shows a little bit of disrespect to the organisation, to us personally and to my fans,” Yildirim’s trainer Ahmet Oner stated.

“Especially his father (Chris Eubank Sr.) last night, he said ‘oh I don’t know, my son is in danger, dangerous people, hooligans’. But you saw them, they are all nice, cool guys,” he added.

Later translating for Yildirim, Oner said on behalf of the title challenger: “Chris Eubank Jr. is arrogant and respectless. He shows very bad behavior. It’s not nice.”

Earlier, Eubank Jr. had gone through what seemed to be a behind closed doors workout, which by viewing on the official WBSS Facebook stream, took place in a hotel conference room.

The second of the 168 pound Quarter-Finals on the back of Callum Smith’s win over Erik Skoglund last month, Eubank Jr. v Yildirim is due to go out live in the UK on ITV Box Office.

Purchasing was opened by the network earlier this week and ITV will be hoping Eubank is present at the next fight week event to avoid any further rumors of a potential pullout by the champion.

To register to watch Eubank Jr. v Yildimirm for £9.95 / €12.95 click here€12.95 click here